Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Path    9x12    oil on panel

I went down to join the Castle Rock PAAC group yesterday. We had scheduled a paintout at Palmer Lake and quite a few people showed up, including a few I've seen only once or twice. It was quite a bit colder down there and more windy as well. I didn't like the subject matter there too much (it's really nice in the summer) and there were other locations nearby that I wanted to check out for future paintout spots. So I went with Janice and another painter, Jennifer, to a nearby Open Space called Spruce Mountain. It had much more appealing scenery (and less windy) and I decided to paint there. We had intended to go over to Greenland Open Space and check that out too, but wound up painting where we were.
I was originally attracted to the blue mountains behind the tree in the middle of the painting. For some reason though they did not come out blue as I had hoped. I had made some nice 'blues' on the last painting (see below) with the dead palette and figured the same would happen here. But it didn't, and I am not sure why. I painted this one a bit faster than normal and that may have something to do with it. I am happy with this though and will do a few very minor touch ups to this when it is dry.
In any event, it was a nice day to be out painting and a great location. I spotted at least 4 other paintings waiting to be made and I had barely walked 100 yards from the parking lot.  Looking forward to going back to this place!


Nancy Hawkins said...

Great to see you posting work again! Wonderful color & texture.

Jim Serrett said...

Very nice composition, and agree great color and texture.