Friday, January 20, 2012

Another warm January day..

South Platte Willows    9x12    oil on panel

On Thursday I met with a couple of real nice painters from the Castle Rock group (part of PAAC). We painted at the south Platte River in Littleton and it was a really nice day. 65 degrees, bright sunshine and no wind is a great day in January.
Still using the 'dead' palette and enjoying it quite a lot. Sometimes I wish I could saturate the colors up a little more, but I try  to resist the temptation to add anything as it will break (kinda) the harmony of this palette. As I mentioned below, I used a lot more paint this time. A whole tube of white went into this painting. I had a little trouble getting it into my panel carrier and the carrier scraped off some of the paint. When it dries I'll do some small repairs to it and it will be finished. Just need to go buy some more paint now! Both of the other painters made nice paintings and it is always fun watching others paint.

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Janice said...

Great painting you turned out!