Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pueblo Peak    20x30    oil on canvas

Earlier this winter, I was lucky enough to be in Taos, NM. Every day I was there it snowed. In the late afternoon when the sun set, it would peek out briefly before going below the horizon. It made really spectacular sunsets and on this occasion, the sun produced just a thin slice of light as it went down. I didn't have my paints with me so I took a lot of photos and made a bunch of mental notes. I made this studio painting from that information. I tried something different this time and that was trying to use much thicker paint than I am used to using. The surface of the painting looks really cool. I think I will go thicker next time and see how far I can go with that. The colors are a little off in the photo... there was a lot of glare because the paint is still wet. The photo is a little darker than the painting and a little more saturated.  


Janice said...

Love to see this in person!

April said...

Fantastic painting of the Sangre de Cristo Moutnains in Taos, New Mexico. Truly captures the beautiful lighting at sunset.