Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Walk in the Park    8x10    oil on panel

Today PAAC was painting at the Carson Nature Center in Littleton. Only Cliff showed up besides myself. I think everyone was too tired from the Taos Paintout to show up. It was a little cool this morning but overall a really nice day. I did some heavy editing on this scene. The South Platte River is actually in the foreground below the edge of the picture. All along the river are tons of willow bushes and small trees. There are a few tall trees and those are the ones I painted in. Since I started this around 11:30 AM, the light was not revealing any form on the willows and small trees. It was just a wall of sage green color with no value changes. As I was sketching out the painting, I realised it looked more interesting to me with out the willows and trees.  So I cut everything out down to the bare essentials and this is what was left. I was a little afraid to strip so much away, but I like how it came out.


Nancy Hawkins said...

Beautiful painting, Jon. Colors are fantastic.

Jon Holdredge said...

Nancy! So nice to hear from you! Your trip paintings are looking great! Can't wait to see more..