Tuesday, May 29, 2012

South Valley Rocks    8x10    oil on panel

The rocks in this painting are the same ones in my other South Valley painting called "January Morning". This view is from the other side of the rocks. I thought the light from this angle was very striking and I liked the angles and shapes. The scale of things is difficult to tell without a reference. The green bushes just below the main rock, center of painting, are a little under twice the height of an average person. This painting was a little difficult to do. I was not really sure where it was going until the very end. Cliff came over and pointed out some things that helped me along. It was a fantastic morning with great weather and light. Here's hoping the rest of the summer is just like today!


Nancy Hawkins said...

I love the complimentary colors (Colorado has all that red rock, green is not the problem there it is in OHIO) Wish I was painting with you. The solid structure is so evident in your rocks. I know it has much to do with your drafting skill, but you use the light & shadow so deftly.

Jon Holdredge said...

Thanks Nancy! Wish you were here painting with us. The park greened up real well this year so the colors were easy! Hope you are still painting!