Monday, July 16, 2012

Eastern Wyoming

Stuck in a Rut    8x10    oil on panel

Souls Depart    8x10    oil on panel

Summer - July    8x10    oil on panel

These three paintings were done on a recent trip to eastern Wyoming. I have been to these places in years past and have wanted to paint there. The first painting was made at the Oregon Trail Ruts near Guernsey. The second at Register Cliff, also near Guernsey. Pioneers would pass by Register Cliff on their way west and engrave their names into the rock. There are many names from the 1800s in the rock. The third painting was painted at Ft. Laramie. Ft. Laramie would have been the last place pioneers would have stopped for provisions before going any further west. It was super hot at all these locations, over 100 degrees, and I have no idea how people would have handled it in 1880. By the time I painted the third painting, I just wanted to convey the heat and the sunshine and how there was no escaping it.


DreamersRose said...

I recognized the scenes before I read the description, Jon! Very nice rendering of the scenes. You did convey the heat and the desolation of the locations.

Jon Holdredge said...

Thanks! It was brutally hot.