Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Lies Ahead    12x16    oil on panel

Today was the Tuesday PAAC  paintout and we were at the Audubon Society out near Chatfield State Park. It was supposed to be sunny but a low hanging front pushed through early in the morning. The clouds came in so low they barely cleared the hogbacks and clipped the tops off the foothills. It wasn't too cold but without the sun it felt colder than it was. It is supposed to snow heavily tomorrow and this kinda looked like a glimpse of what is to come, hence the title. I have not done a plein air piece this big before. I decided to do it with a palette knife to prevent too much noodling with details, but as the painting went along I started drawing them in anyway. I wanted the painting to be a lot more vague and simple. Fortunately, I stopped myself from too much detail and I am happy with how the painting came out. This may be another piece I develop into a bigger painting later this winter.


Ted Garcia said...

Nice Job!

Jon Holdredge said...

Thanks Ted! Your stuff is looking great! The December 1st painting is really nice!