Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frontrange Foothills - Fall    9x12    oil on panel

Yesterday (10-24-11) I went over to Matthews/Winters park to work on a small project I started last December. I painted this same picture last winter and have come back again in the summer (see below) and now in the fall to do it again. I thought it might be neat to paint the same spot in all the different seasons. The colors are a little off in the pic above... the mountain in back is a little too blue in the photo. It is more grey/tan in the painting. I just need a version in the snow and one in the spring and I'll be done. We got almost no snow last winter and hopefully we will get more this year so I can do the snow version. Note in the summer version I forgot to put the little pine tree in that is almost in the middle of the painting. Don't know why I did that. Maybe I just forgot to do it. It was super hot that day (95 or so), so I'm gonna blame it on the heat. Also note in the early winter painting, I removed the actual tree that's there on the left. I didn't want to paint a leafless tree at the time (I find them fairly depressing) so I grabbed a pine tree that is just to the left of the area in the painting and planted it in the same spot. I also felt at the time that there was too much grey and tan in the painting and it needed some relative, stronger color. Green seemed to work just fine since it is really there, just not at that spot.


 Early winter

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