Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Rock   8x12   oil on panel

I went down to Castle Rock today to paint something else but when I saw this view of the rock I had to paint it. It was mid-morning and already getting quite hot. Fortunately, there was a nice breeze so  it wasn't too bad under my umbrella. Not much else to say about this one except what you really want isn't always what you are looking for!

Wash Park   8x10   oil on panel

I did this a month ago on a PAAC paint out in Washington Park, which is in Denver. The weather was very nice that day and had a nice time chatting with the other painters. Got a little side-tracked into a discussion about the psychology and philosophy of Art which annoyed a few other painters nearby. It was a great conversation so I don't feel too bad about annoying them!
I was really pretty stumped about what to paint. I'm not much of a flower painter and the gardens were in full bloom which made it a little overwhelming. I also spent a little time chasing a Tiger Swallow Tail Butterfly around, that was about the size of my hand, with the camera. I've seen a lot of them this summer and I think this one was probably the biggest one I've seen. I saw another painter kind of hiding behind some bushes so I went over to investigate. I saw this scene (which isn't the one the other painter was painting) and I thought "There it is!" I had finally found my painting and this one just rolled right onto the panel.

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