Thursday, August 11, 2011

High Noon 8x10 oil/panel

Went to Castle Rock to meet the PAAC group at Ridgeline Open Space. I got there late and most everyone had left. Talked to one fellow painter, Jennifer, who said it was so hot she thought everyone else left because of the heat. It felt like 100 in the parking lot. When I stepped out of the car I could feel the heat from the pavement right through my shoes.  She also mentioned it was so hot it made her oil paint quite thin and she had trouble pushing paint around.
I hiked up one of the trails and saw this view. It was the first thing I saw that looked interesting and because of the heat, I didn't feel like walking too much further with all my equipment. By the time I set up, did my thumbnail sketch and started working it was noon. And Jennifer was right.. no need to use any medium. The heat made my paint super soft. Fortunately, by the time I was almost done it clouded up and cooled off. When I got back to the car it was raining. By the time I got home it was sunny and hot again. A typical Colorado afternoon! 

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Again, nice work!