Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mountain Study, Afternoon Light, Early Spring    8x10    oil on panel

This was a quick mountain study done from a photo I took near Frisco, Colorado a week or so ago. I was there to go skiing, but I saw this view from the side of the road and couldn't let it go by (again... I see this view every time we go skiing). As with all my other paintings this year, this is the dead palette plus Ultramarine Blue. I was in Georgetown at the Colorado Mountain Art Gallery working with Cliff Austin and he pulled out a magazine that had a painting in it that was very similar to this one. He commented that we all make at least one of these compositions (usually a lot more than one) and I said I haven't done one. At the time I hadn't, and when I started this one I really didn't intend for it to come out this way. I think Cliff put a subliminal suggestion in my brain that day, and guess where it came out? So I guess I can say that I too have one of  'those' paintings now! 


Nancy Hawkins said...

This is a great painting Jon! Keep on keeping on! You have what it takes to be a great artist!

Jon Holdredge said...

Thanks for the kind words Nancy! Looking forward to seeing what you paint next!